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A PAC is a political action committee. PAC's are established to lobby elected officials and support legislative initiatives that coincide with the mission and goals of the organization, or in this case, the association they are affiliated with. A PAC does not have a specific party affiliation. PAC's make monetary contributions and/or volunteer time or services to assist elected officials with their reelection campaigns. A PAC is a way in which members can participate in the local, state and federal politics. PAC membership allows supporters, through relatively small contributions and organized election activities, to have a powerful voice in the political process.

Maryland Dental Hygienists' PAC - (MYPAC)
MYPAC is a political action committee representing Maryland dental hygienists. Maryland Dental Hygiene Association's, (MDHA's) created MYPAC to endorse Maryland state legislators who support the profession of dental hygiene and the mission and goals of our constituent association. ADHA has HYPAC for the national or federal level and MDHA has MYPAC for our state and local level.

MYPAC's Mission is to:
Assist Maryland citizens achieve access to dental hygiene preventive services through legislative initiatives that advance the art and science of dental hygiene, increase access to quality oral health care while promoting the highest standards of dental hygiene education, and representing the interests of dental hygienists.

MYPAC's campaign contributions must follow Maryland State Board of Elections, (MSBE) laws and limits. MDHA started MYPAC to impact legislators and further legislation that improves the oral health of Maryland's citizens and/or creates improved access to quality oral health care for the public. MYPAC is a committee of 3 MDHA members one of which is MDHA's Legislative Chair. MYPAC raises funds and makes contributions to Delegates and Senators in Annapolis that sit on the House & Government Affairs Committee, The Senate Education, Health & Environmental Affairs Committee, Senate Government Operations Committee as well as the Senate Finance Committee. These committees most often review MDHA proposed bills. MYPAC contributes to fundraising events for these specific legislators enabling MDHA members to make inroads and personal contact with state Delegates and Senators. MYPAC plays an important role in educating our elected officials about the profession of dental hygiene and MDHA concerns. These opportunities for personal contact with legislators allow our MDHA representatives to explain MDHA's mission and goals. Once one of our bills makes it to our state House and Senate floors for debate, our interactions with and support for committee members will enable them to champion our cause during the debate. This is the political process in action.

For more information or to make a financial contribution contact:

Checks made out to MYPAC should be sent to:

PO Box 231
Simpsonville, MD 21150

All MDHA members are welcome and encouraged to support the profession through MYPAC. Contributions from MYPAC members and money raised during raffles held at MDHA Annual Session and MDHA's Spring Scientific meetings are MYPAC's only source of income. The MSBE limits PAC contributions by individual members to a maximum of $4,000.00 during an election cycle of 4 years. Any and all donations are acceptable.

To show your support for MYPAC you may:

Disclaimer: I understand that my contribution to MYPAC is strictly voluntary and I may refuse to contribute without reprisal. I will not be favored or disadvantaged by the amount of my contribution or a decision not to contribute. I understand that annual contributions exceeding $51 dollars require a receipt and aggregate contributions in an election cycle over $500 need to have an employers name along with the members name. I understand that my contribution is not tax-deductible as a charitable contribution for federal or state tax purposes.

What is a Legislative Liaison? / What do Legislative Liaisons do?

Legislative Liaisons advocate for the profession of dental hygiene and their colleagues by lending a face to our PAC in Annapolis. Legislative Liaisons work with our MDHA Legislative Co-Chairs. Thru their efforts and personal contact they are actively involved in the decision making process of our legislators. Dental hygienists as Legislative Liaisons contact their legislator when a bill or issue of importance to dental hygiene arises. Occasionally they come to the State House to visit with their legislator or make visits locally to his/her district office. They get updates from MYPAC about additional actions they can take to advocate for dental hygiene like attending campaign fundraising events in their district or receiving notice of volunteer opportunities for their local candidates. Being a Legislative Liaisons is another way in which you can get involved and support your dental hygiene profession.

Become a Legislative Liaison by contacting MDHA Legislative